Keep It Simple!

Mat behöver inte vara så krångligt och komplicerat! Jag försöker lägga så lite fokus som möjligt på vad jag skall äta, när, hur och varför. Bara för att ge kroppen precis det den behöver så att jag kan fungera på mitt absolut yttersta!
Här är en perfekt tallrik i min smak som jag åt igår!

Food don’t have to be complicated!
Salomon, Brussels sprouts, kale, sprouts and spinach Yummy!


Anti-inflammatory Boost – GOLD MILK

I found a recipe for some days ago on GOLD MILK that is a really super boost and have anti-inflammatory elements in it.
So I tried to do it my self today and YES it was actually good!
The recipe I found at:

How I did:
Turmeric (pesto)? I dont know what to call it in english though
0,5dl fresh turmeric, I rasp it down to smaller pieces. If you have only turmeric powder it works very well to.
ps. I use only Organic ingredients!
2 dl water
2tbs black pepper, (fine)
Ginger (fresh rasped, 1-2tbs)

Boil the ingredients above carefully until the water have disappeared so it is just the ”pesto” thing left.
Then add some flavours I used this below:

2tbs cardamom
2tbs real cinnamon
1tbs Real vanilla
4tbs Coconut oil (makes you take up the curcumin from the turmeric)

The ”turmeric pesto” is done, and I put it in the fridge in a glas bottle.
Then I wanted to do the GOLDMILK:

What I needed:
2dl coconut milk
2tbs ”turmeric pesto”
2 drops Stevia (you might want to taste it and se what you want)
Maybe some water if you feel that the drink gets to ”heavy”

Heat up the coconut milk (and maybe water) to desirable degree, add the pesto and stevia.
Drink it and feel the boost of your immune system! =D
-The ”pesto” can be kept in the fridge up to 2 weeks.


// Therese

Food Log!

Friday and the weekend is coming up on us!
I have the last couple of days been logging every single thing I have been eating for a friend, so I was thinking to share it with you if you need some inspiration on what you also can eat. I try my best to have variance in what I’m eating, so I feed a big range of bacterias in my gut.

These days I have also included some root veggies back in to my diet, I have been strict KETO now sens January 2016 so I want to try sometimes to include that kind of veggies.

Push HERE to read my food list

// Therese

Yummy Vanilla KETO Ice cream

OH My lord!
Searching inside Reddit yesterday and found this AMAZING recipe, and oh my gosh this was so good. I just have to share this one.
I had some berries on top, but you dont have to have that, maybe some lemon would fit SO good if you dont want to have berries.

4 eggs, separated
300 ml Coconut milk, shake it and put it in the fridge for some time before so its cold when you whip it.
1/4 tbs Apple cider vinegar
Some Stevia, I used 10 drops perhaps
1 tsp Real vanilla powder

How I did:

I whisked the egg whites, and after a while added the ACV and stevia.
In another bowl I whipped the coconut milk to a nice consistence.
In a third bowl I blend the yolks with the vanilla.
I ended to mix down the egg whites with the coconut milk, and after that I blended down my egg yolks.
I put the Ice cream in a bowl and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours.
Bon appetite!

How to be more ALKALINE

If you are coming from a high carb diet, or you just need to be more alkaline i want to share a recipe i read in a book yesterday (Sockerbomben 3.0, By Bitten Jonsson & Pia Nordström)

Here it comes:
2 Organic Cucumbers
1 jar of mint plant
1 jar of lemon balm
The must of 3 lime and 3 lemons
1 bag of organic spinach
1 bag of rocket salad (optional)

MIX all together in a blender, and add water down to desire taste. Put it in your fridge and drink with more water, (extra tip is to boil some pieces of ginger, cool it down and put it in the water).

Hope this will help you! =)

// Therese

Chia Pudding Recipe on KETO

Sometimes i get really bored to eat eggs and patties, so i saw a wonderful recipe at of chia pudding made with coconut cream. OMG, i thought, i HAVE to try this.
It was SO good, i think i need though some drops of stevia to it. But that is optional.

Just look at this:


How i did it:
4msk Chiaseed
2dl Coconut cream
1dl Water
40g of raspberries
Some cardamom and vanilla powder

I mixed the coconut cream, water and the raspberries in a blender. Then I added the cardamom, vanilla and chia seed and blended it with a spoon. I let it rest for 5 min and then I blended it again with a spoon so the chia got blended equally through the whole bowl. I put the pudding in to the refrigerator over the night, and WOW so nice to eat something else it was so good!

Hope you enjoy it! =) (if you have stevia it would be a suggestion to have 1-2 dropps in it to. It was very sour.)
Next time i think i will try to have lemon in it, i think that can be amazing!

// Therese

Chicken and Cauliflower rice

OMG guys
Im in a period with a lot of Cauliflower and souse made of mushrooms and coconut cream, it is SO good.
Here i did a chicken thigh, with some curry as a spice.
Do you believe me if I tell you that its SO good.
To my souse I just fry the mushrooms in a lot of butter, use some salt and black pepper, put in some coconut cream and a teaspoon of red curry.


// Therese

KETO Pancake recipe

What you will need:
7-8 eggs
4 tablespoons of coconut flour
4 tablespoons of flax meal
I use some stevia – vanilla without alcohol to get some sweetness
1/2 teaspoon real vanilla powder
pinch of salt

Whip the eggs first, then add the remaining ingredients. Pan fry them in a lot of butter and do them thin if you want them to be as a pancake, and thicker if you like them as a sandwich.