Keep It Simple!

Mat behöver inte vara så krångligt och komplicerat! Jag försöker lägga så lite fokus som möjligt på vad jag skall äta, när, hur och varför. Bara för att ge kroppen precis det den behöver så att jag kan fungera på mitt absolut yttersta!
Här är en perfekt tallrik i min smak som jag åt igår!

Food don’t have to be complicated!
Salomon, Brussels sprouts, kale, sprouts and spinach Yummy!


Yummy Vanilla KETO Ice cream

OH My lord!
Searching inside Reddit yesterday and found this AMAZING recipe, and oh my gosh this was so good. I just have to share this one.
I had some berries on top, but you dont have to have that, maybe some lemon would fit SO good if you dont want to have berries.

4 eggs, separated
300 ml Coconut milk, shake it and put it in the fridge for some time before so its cold when you whip it.
1/4 tbs Apple cider vinegar
Some Stevia, I used 10 drops perhaps
1 tsp Real vanilla powder

How I did:

I whisked the egg whites, and after a while added the ACV and stevia.
In another bowl I whipped the coconut milk to a nice consistence.
In a third bowl I blend the yolks with the vanilla.
I ended to mix down the egg whites with the coconut milk, and after that I blended down my egg yolks.
I put the Ice cream in a bowl and put it in the freezer for a couple of hours.
Bon appetite!