No Perfect Backdrop That Fits Your IG Feed?

So I have been thinking about backdrops and how it would fit my feed on my Instagram account (@thereseeri).
It is so important to stick to a specific theme and a specific visual layout, and I realized when I was planning and looking on my feed that I didn’t have any backdrops that would fit my idea.
So what did I do?
Well, I did my own backdrop..

I’m so grateful that I’m living on a farm and as soon I get an idéa that needs some constructing I can easily do it.
So I found some old board in the barn, took a screwdriver and built it my self.
It was so easy, and I got it exactly how I wanted it to look.
I found a vintage pink paint that I wanted my backdrop to be in, so I painted it in that color.

Here is the result:

What about you? Do you have any specific backdrops for your feed? And have you been thinking of your layout and the whole visualized part of your feed?


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