Did you know? The super root -Turmeric

That turmeric is an AMAZING herb to use in cooking, I dont think anyone have missed.
In the turmeric root the active substance is curcumin, its also that that will give it its yellowish colour (Wilhelmsson, 2011).

It is a fantastic herb to use in your food, some of the reasons is:
– Powerful Antioxidant
– Healing wounds, and prevent bacteria and microbe
– Helping you to break down your food, stimulates the gallbladder to eliminate bile
– Turmeric can prevent cancer cells in a lot of different ways
– Blood- thinning affect, helps strengthen the arteries. Lowering the cholesterol
And ofc. A LOT more!

Source: Wilhelmsson, P. (2011). Näringsmedicinska Uppslagsboken. Andra. Falun: Örtagårdes Förlag. ISBN 91-631-7910-5.

// Therese


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