WAKE UP PEOPLE! – Be the CEO of your health!

I have comed to realise that I care TO much about people.
It really hurst me to see friends posting on FB that they have all this crazy conditions regarding their health. All kind of autoimmune diseases, and they are going to the doctors and really think they are going to give them a MAGICAL solution of their condition.
They don’t REALISE that its already in their hands, THEIR FOOD and how they are living.
All the time I see typical lifestyle metabolic problems that the ordinary health care isn’t going to help you with!

Its just to wake up and realise that they are NOT learned to FIX the root cause of your condition regarding metabolic problems! They are there to provide you with medicine towards your symptoms. Im really grateful though to our healthcare when I have a broken leg or I have some other broken part in my body. There they REALLY helps people!
But guys, seriously its SO much money involved with you being sick so you can’t trust all these pills and crap you will be provided.

Our body is MADE to fix it self, if YOU provide it with the right building materia. But if you cut off your organs, still eating the way you do, living the way you are, and taking that pill for that symptom. You are NEVER going to get the health back!
Make a change until you get a chronically disease that can be hard to reverse and heal from.

But PLEASE! You CAN heal! 
You can’t think a thought you have never thought before, so open your eyes and search for other explanations and answers. They ARE out there! Please!

Im sorry I just care to much and Im feeling that I KNOW that these people can get better but they aren’t open for it!.. Maybe some day ❤
If that day comes Im here and I’m open to help you with everything I know. I KNOW you can get better! Just one tips, see also a functional medicine doctor, like here in Sweden we have Cecilia Furst! She is AMAZING with thyroid conditions. And thyroid people is often the root cause of a lot of women – conditions today!

Var din egen CEO

With love
// Therese


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