Yawning -The MYTH!

A thing that hit me today when I was at the gym, was that Im always yawning when im there even though im not tierd… I have gone all day and being thinking of this phenomena and I realised that I don’t have a actual answerer on the question. I have learned sense I was little that Im just tired and need to sleep, and that you have a lack of interest of the subject (if you are listening on someone and suddenly starts to yawning). Then I asked my self at the gym “why am I doing this? I don’t feel tired?!”
I texted a friend and we ended up in a really interesting conversation.

So what will a geek as I do if I don’t have the full answerer, well I looking up if there is any studies on the area OF COURSE!

I found an observation study on rats published in BMC Neuroscience that had a totally new knowledge for me. They had measured the temperature with a infra red camera on these rats, before and after a yawn. And have seen the temperature rise in the concha of the rat, 10s before a yawn. Then 10s after the yawning it significantly drops.

They discuss in the study about earlier studies results that the yawning is important for cooling down structures within the head (Eguibar et al., 2017).


Witch gives me a explanation to the scenario at the gym!
-I’m over heated! =)

So it´s not a bad thing to do, as I earlier thought.
I thought I was lazy and my body is refusing to be active. But HEY, im glad I was wrong!

To add to this is that yawning is also connected to circadian rhythm, when light goes to dark this reflex is also occurring.

So next time someone is yawning in your conversation, don’t see it as the person are rude. He or She is just overheated from your conversation, maybe it is a lot to take in so the brain is going in 3000.. 😉

// Therese

Eguibar, J. R., Uribe, C. A., Cortes, C., Bautista, A. & Gallup, A. C. (2017). Yawning reduces facial temperature in the high-yawning subline of Sprague-Dawley rats. BMC Neuroscience, 18(1), p 3.


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