Anti-inflammatory Boost – GOLD MILK

I found a recipe for some days ago on GOLD MILK that is a really super boost and have anti-inflammatory elements in it.
So I tried to do it my self today and YES it was actually good!
The recipe I found at:

How I did:
Turmeric (pesto)? I dont know what to call it in english though
0,5dl fresh turmeric, I rasp it down to smaller pieces. If you have only turmeric powder it works very well to.
ps. I use only Organic ingredients!
2 dl water
2tbs black pepper, (fine)
Ginger (fresh rasped, 1-2tbs)

Boil the ingredients above carefully until the water have disappeared so it is just the ”pesto” thing left.
Then add some flavours I used this below:

2tbs cardamom
2tbs real cinnamon
1tbs Real vanilla
4tbs Coconut oil (makes you take up the curcumin from the turmeric)

The ”turmeric pesto” is done, and I put it in the fridge in a glas bottle.
Then I wanted to do the GOLDMILK:

What I needed:
2dl coconut milk
2tbs ”turmeric pesto”
2 drops Stevia (you might want to taste it and se what you want)
Maybe some water if you feel that the drink gets to ”heavy”

Heat up the coconut milk (and maybe water) to desirable degree, add the pesto and stevia.
Drink it and feel the boost of your immune system! =D
-The ”pesto” can be kept in the fridge up to 2 weeks.


// Therese


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