Sugar addicted??

Can’t you stop thinking about food, your next meal and when you next time is going to get that candy?
Have you thought about that you maybe have an addiction? Did you know that it is today classified as a disease and you can be born with a different biochemistry that makes you react in a different way then other people?

It isn’t just about character and just to make up your mind if you have a different biochemistry, if you also punishing your body with fast food, lack of nutrients and poor sleep you will continuing to get your body even worse, and you will get more of these symptoms when you get older and your brain is aging (Jonsson & Nordström).

Im going to do a serie during three episodes on my youtube, and the subject is going to be addiction and particular sugar addiction.
I have an SUPER interesting interview with My Westerdahl (LINK HERE) that have lost 95 KILO after that she have realised that she had an addiction to sugar.
Cant wait to share her story, it is SO interesting! It is up to watch the 22nd of March! So make sure to subscribe to my youtube so you don’t miss it out! Press HERE to subscribe to my channel.

I have an really amazing book as a source when I have created this series, check it out if you want to learn more:
Jonsson, B. & Nordström, P.Sockerbomben 3.0. 3. ed Falun: Blandh by Bladh AB. ISBN 978-91-87371-56-1.


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