Chia Pudding Recipe on KETO

Sometimes i get really bored to eat eggs and patties, so i saw a wonderful recipe at of chia pudding made with coconut cream. OMG, i thought, i HAVE to try this.
It was SO good, i think i need though some drops of stevia to it. But that is optional.

Just look at this:


How i did it:
4msk Chiaseed
2dl Coconut cream
1dl Water
40g of raspberries
Some cardamom and vanilla powder

I mixed the coconut cream, water and the raspberries in a blender. Then I added the cardamom, vanilla and chia seed and blended it with a spoon. I let it rest for 5 min and then I blended it again with a spoon so the chia got blended equally through the whole bowl. I put the pudding in to the refrigerator over the night, and WOW so nice to eat something else it was so good!

Hope you enjoy it! =) (if you have stevia it would be a suggestion to have 1-2 dropps in it to. It was very sour.)
Next time i think i will try to have lemon in it, i think that can be amazing!

// Therese


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