Natural FACE?!

Good Morning from Sweden!
I received some new oils yesterday from DEVAZ and i came to realise that I should ask you guys if you use products for your skin?
I have always until the last year used silicone and parabenes based product, with a LONG ingredient list. I came to a point there I understod that I need to change this habit in order to get control over my health and clean out my body.
So a good friend of mine recommend to use natural organic oils instead and WOW, its amazing what a different it does! If feels SO much better and my skin is loving it.

How do you do with your skin? Do you also mix your own oil for moisturise your body and face?
It is so much crap in products today so this feels SO clean for my skin, my next step is to be really clean with shampoo and conditioner too!
If you have any suggestion on this kind of natural beauty, please leave a comment with your tips! =)

This is what I’m using now:



// Therese



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