How to be more ALKALINE

If you are coming from a high carb diet, or you just need to be more alkaline i want to share a recipe i read in a book yesterday (Sockerbomben 3.0, By Bitten Jonsson & Pia Nordström)

Here it comes:
2 Organic Cucumbers
1 jar of mint plant
1 jar of lemon balm
The must of 3 lime and 3 lemons
1 bag of organic spinach
1 bag of rocket salad (optional)

MIX all together in a blender, and add water down to desire taste. Put it in your fridge and drink with more water, (extra tip is to boil some pieces of ginger, cool it down and put it in the water).

Hope this will help you! =)

// Therese

Chia Pudding Recipe on KETO

Sometimes i get really bored to eat eggs and patties, so i saw a wonderful recipe at of chia pudding made with coconut cream. OMG, i thought, i HAVE to try this.
It was SO good, i think i need though some drops of stevia to it. But that is optional.

Just look at this:


How i did it:
4msk Chiaseed
2dl Coconut cream
1dl Water
40g of raspberries
Some cardamom and vanilla powder

I mixed the coconut cream, water and the raspberries in a blender. Then I added the cardamom, vanilla and chia seed and blended it with a spoon. I let it rest for 5 min and then I blended it again with a spoon so the chia got blended equally through the whole bowl. I put the pudding in to the refrigerator over the night, and WOW so nice to eat something else it was so good!

Hope you enjoy it! =) (if you have stevia it would be a suggestion to have 1-2 dropps in it to. It was very sour.)
Next time i think i will try to have lemon in it, i think that can be amazing!

// Therese

Natural FACE?!

Good Morning from Sweden!
I received some new oils yesterday from DEVAZ and i came to realise that I should ask you guys if you use products for your skin?
I have always until the last year used silicone and parabenes based product, with a LONG ingredient list. I came to a point there I understod that I need to change this habit in order to get control over my health and clean out my body.
So a good friend of mine recommend to use natural organic oils instead and WOW, its amazing what a different it does! If feels SO much better and my skin is loving it.

How do you do with your skin? Do you also mix your own oil for moisturise your body and face?
It is so much crap in products today so this feels SO clean for my skin, my next step is to be really clean with shampoo and conditioner too!
If you have any suggestion on this kind of natural beauty, please leave a comment with your tips! =)

This is what I’m using now:



// Therese