Chicken and Cauliflower rice

OMG guys
Im in a period with a lot of Cauliflower and souse made of mushrooms and coconut cream, it is SO good.
Here i did a chicken thigh, with some curry as a spice.
Do you believe me if I tell you that its SO good.
To my souse I just fry the mushrooms in a lot of butter, use some salt and black pepper, put in some coconut cream and a teaspoon of red curry.


// Therese

KETO Pancake recipe

What you will need:
7-8 eggs
4 tablespoons of coconut flour
4 tablespoons of flax meal
I use some stevia – vanilla without alcohol to get some sweetness
1/2 teaspoon real vanilla powder
pinch of salt

Whip the eggs first, then add the remaining ingredients. Pan fry them in a lot of butter and do them thin if you want them to be as a pancake, and thicker if you like them as a sandwich.