Autoimmunity and Brain Disorders

Science when it is as its best! For anyone who wants to learn more than just the things that we got thought from the industry, this is a episode for you!
This episode is about: Autoimmunity and Brain Disorders: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Autism and ALOT more!
If you got the time to watch its REALLY worth the time. Most of the people have some autoimmune disorder and i say to you and send to you HOPE that in most of the case it is possible to get rid of it or get it ALOT better!
Please don’t accept a diagnosis and some prescript medicine! There is hope to get ALOT of your symptoms go away with the right tools and FOOD!
Be your own doctor, companies just want to get you more sick so they can earn more money on you, they don’t want to heal you! Thats the ugly truth, learn about the body and how everything is connected!
// Therese


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