HIT or TUT Workout?

Hi lovely People!

I have to say that I have created really really good habits for working out. Im so proud of my self of going to the gym and have been blessed not to be sick in a really long time. Tho I have been doing Time Under Tension sens (January!) until 2-3 weeks ago, when I started to implicate some HIT training again in my workout. I feel so much stronger then I have ever felt! One word: Amazing!
I really need to thank the Ketogenic lifestyle for that!
I have gained a lot of weight, YES I have, and sure I feel really stressed about it, but i really should be focusing on the strength I have built. Its SO big different in energy level and how I feel so i say to my self that i need to focus on that.

What is your biggest struggle? What is your goal?


// Therese


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