Food inspiration?! Where are you?

Sometimes it can be super hard to come up with something to eat for dinner. Sometimes nothing feels like -YES I’m going to have that!
Nothing is good enough and it feels like I have NOTHING to eat in my fridge. BUT, i have to say that it have been better sens I started to do Keto. I know what to shop in the store, i never just walk around for trying to figure out what I should by today, and i always buy quality and things that are clean. But still i can feel the frustration sometimes when it feels like I’m just eating the same thing EVERY single day.. Then I remember my self that i feel 10 000 better than for a couple of years ago!

Yesterday tho I had a moment when i asked you guys to help me to cook on snapchat. I had ground beef and some cauliflower and broccoli. If you missed what I did at the end this is the result:




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