Do you have control on your BS?


Your first step on your journey into ketosis is to get yourself a glucose measure device. On the market you have a lot of different brands and quality, for example freestyle that my self is using. But look around your area and see what one you can get easiest.

You want to measure and LOG every result, everyday in the beginning. Measure directly when you go up in the morning (fasting glucose) and measure before every meal during the day and 1- 1 1/2 hour after food.

The goal you want to reach is below 4,4 mmol/L (European) and 79 mg/dL (U.S) during the day, and you don’t want to have a huge rise after food. A couple of units its okay to rise but not like one whole unit from 4,4 to 5,4 mmol/L.

And don’t forget to journal your results.
I have created a spread sheet for you if you want to have a document to fill in all your numbers in. Press HERE to download it.

// Therese

Autoimmunity and Brain Disorders

Science when it is as its best! For anyone who wants to learn more than just the things that we got thought from the industry, this is a episode for you!
This episode is about: Autoimmunity and Brain Disorders: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Autism and ALOT more!
If you got the time to watch its REALLY worth the time. Most of the people have some autoimmune disorder and i say to you and send to you HOPE that in most of the case it is possible to get rid of it or get it ALOT better!
Please don’t accept a diagnosis and some prescript medicine! There is hope to get ALOT of your symptoms go away with the right tools and FOOD!
Be your own doctor, companies just want to get you more sick so they can earn more money on you, they don’t want to heal you! Thats the ugly truth, learn about the body and how everything is connected!
// Therese

Macadamia nuts?!

Have you tried these nuts? From this brand or another? I got introduced by them through a friend last week and i LOVE them! Its so full of fat and it makes you really dont want to eat more then a couple before you are full 🙂

// Therese

HIT or TUT Workout?

Hi lovely People!

I have to say that I have created really really good habits for working out. Im so proud of my self of going to the gym and have been blessed not to be sick in a really long time. Tho I have been doing Time Under Tension sens (January!) until 2-3 weeks ago, when I started to implicate some HIT training again in my workout. I feel so much stronger then I have ever felt! One word: Amazing!
I really need to thank the Ketogenic lifestyle for that!
I have gained a lot of weight, YES I have, and sure I feel really stressed about it, but i really should be focusing on the strength I have built. Its SO big different in energy level and how I feel so i say to my self that i need to focus on that.

What is your biggest struggle? What is your goal?


// Therese

Whats serving for KETO dinner?

Hi guys!
Just wanted to share my amazing lunch today.
I had some sirloin steak with (white and red) cabbage, kale, leek and sugar peas. And I added ALOT of MCT oil, olive oil and butter. It was so good, but it was so long time ago that I have been so full.

What is your best and tastiest KETO food?


// Therese

Food inspiration?! Where are you?

Sometimes it can be super hard to come up with something to eat for dinner. Sometimes nothing feels like -YES I’m going to have that!
Nothing is good enough and it feels like I have NOTHING to eat in my fridge. BUT, i have to say that it have been better sens I started to do Keto. I know what to shop in the store, i never just walk around for trying to figure out what I should by today, and i always buy quality and things that are clean. But still i can feel the frustration sometimes when it feels like I’m just eating the same thing EVERY single day.. Then I remember my self that i feel 10 000 better than for a couple of years ago!

Yesterday tho I had a moment when i asked you guys to help me to cook on snapchat. I had ground beef and some cauliflower and broccoli. If you missed what I did at the end this is the result: