Sens i started to do keto i thought the only thing i could eat was eggs and bacon for breakfast. I realized that it wasnt the case after i had spent some time with Stephanie!

Now i eat this turkey patties with a LOT of butter on in the morning. The patties i use some spices in and sometimes i do the patties of chicken to get some variations. On top i have some nutritional yeast. Its so good to start the morning with! I always have alot of patties finished in my refrigerator that is just to warm up!

// Therese

Candle time

People! Its fall time on the northen hemisphere and then its time to turn up the heat and light some candles! 

Im totally out of energy after the seminar last week, and im just running on vapor right now. I really need to re-charge my batteries but i will do it soon!

Todays food-cosy-recharge-ala dinner served cabbage, avocado, pork chops and alot of yummie butter! 👌🏻 Tasty or what?!

What do you do to calm down and go into a homeostatic state? Do you play music, take a walk, light some candles? Tell me about your routine!

// Therese

Blood sugar

Hi People!

Do you check your blood sugar in the morning and during the day?
Its important to know your values if you are going to Keto-adapt!
I did a snapchat this morning and asked you guys what your numbers are.

If you have a BS over 4.4 mmol in the morning and during the day it shows you that you are gluconeogenetic and that you are still Catabolic (the body is breaking down, and eating from its own muscles).
You can still measure ketones in your urin BUT it will just show you if you are loosing ketones. If your BS is high at the same time you know that you still are running on glucose. So feel free to share your numbers with me! And we can compare our numbers with each other.

Mine glucose number this morning was 4.4mmol! =)

Lard Snack

Hi People!

Got a advice from Stephanie to frie lard in tasteless coconut oil, so i did! Here is the result:

I just took a couple of tablespoon of coconut oil, heated it up in a pot so it covered the lard. And then frie until i felt it was good.
Putted some salt on top of it when it was finished, so good snack to have in my backpack during my schooldays!



// Therese

Snack tips

When i was in the state with Stephanie Person i found this little yummie thing, its seaweed and it taste so good! 

If you havent tried them do! Its perfect as a little snack.

Tomorrow it id Vlogg time again and then i will show you some behind the scenes from Stephanies seminar.

// Therese